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 Active & Connected

Chalre Associates is active in promoting the industries and companies we serve.  Examples of these activities are below.



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   Telephone Chalre Associates - Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia + 632 822 4129

            Email Chalre Associates - Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia leaders@chalre.com




Asia CEO Forum - Largest regular business event in Philippines.


Asia CEO Forum


Asia CEO Forum is the largest regular business event in Philippines and considered one of the most important in Southeast Asia.

The forum is organized by Chalre Associates for the spreading of ideas that helpexecutive managers active in the region. 


See www.asia-ceo.org  

for details.



Asia CEO Awards - the largest business awards event in Philippines


Asia CEO Awards


Asia CEO Awards is the largest business awards events in Philippines with major sponsors like American Express, PLDT Alpha Enterprise, Ford, Accenture, Teleperformance, KPMG, Jones Lang LaSalle, NorthgateArinso and others.  


Asia CEO Awards highlights business achievement in Philippines and promotes the nation as a premier business destination. 


See www.asia-ceo.org/awards for details.








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The Enterprise Center
6766 Ayala Avenue

Makati City, Metro Manila 1226




20 Maxwell Road, # Maxwell House 08-01,  069113





Executive Recruiting Franchise in Asia

 Executive Recruiting Franchise

Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia



Your Lifetime of

Experience is Valuable

When You Partner With Us!



Chalre Associates is used to serving the needs of senior management leaders.  This applies to our clients, our candidates and our Executive Search Partners. 


The Executive Search Partners of Chalre Associates are senior managers who have decided to continue serving the industries they know by helping international managers source and select superb staff for their global companies. 


We Promote Our Partners


Chalre Associates supports its Executive Search Partners is a variety of ways.  First of all, we are fanatics at business development and promotion.  We work to put our partner's names in front of those business leaders who could be their clients.  Most importantly, we assist them in turning their high-quality relationships into high-quality clients. 


We Reduce the Mundane


Chalre Associates provides our Executive Search Partners with back-office support so they can do more of what is most important -- serving clients, making placements and developing new business.  We assist with administration functions from candidate sourcing and IT to secretarial support and collections.



We are seeking

senior management professionals

to join us.



C o n t a c t   U s


Telephone Chalre Associates - Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia  + 632 822 4129     Email Chalre Associates - Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia leaders@chalre.com




Executive Search Franchise Program

Our Executive Search Franchise Partners are international business leaders with long careers in executive management.  They are independent professionals focused on serving their clients.  They are not people who need someone looking over their shoulder to ensure they make sales calls. 

The Advantages We Offer

1. Work with Pros - Learn from like-minded people with a desire to share and grow. 

2. Your Clients are YOUR Clients - It is your business so your client relationships stay with you.  If you decide to move along in the future, your relationships can go with you. 

3. Professional Business Support - We provide meaningful assistance for your business with back-office support and business development expertise.

4. Set Your Own Goals - Work at your own pace and we will support you.  You are the boss. 

5. Don't Waste Money - Why spend for prestigious office space and attractive receptionists when today's sophisticated clients don't appreciate it?  The most important asset you have in running your business is inside your head.    


The Assistance We Provide

I. Business Development

     1. Downloadable standardized promotional material

     2. Client Research Assistance

     3. Referral Network


II. Candidate Acquisition & Management

     1. Candidate Research (also known as Candidate Direct Sourcing)

     2. Internet Research

     3. Telephone screening of candidates

     4. Scheduling interviews


III. Information Technology

     1. World-class website

     2. Personalized email addresses

     3. Site Engine Optimization


IV. General Administration

     1. Candidate Report formatting and secretarial support

     2. Standardized forms and contracts

     3. Telephone answering (if applicable)


V. Accounts Receivable

     1. Client Invoicing

     2. Collections


Why We are So Different?

Traditional Executive Search is an industry known for its aggressive management style, high-priced support staff and luxurious office space in prestigious locations.   


Our self-motivated Executive Search Franchise Partners do not require managers looking over their shoulder or walnut-paneled offices to attract clients.  They believe that such superfluous and costly props interfere with performance. 


Today's clients couldn't agree more. 


Chalre Associates takes a very different approach to that of legacy Executive Search firms.  We provide support in areas where it matters, so our Executive Search Partners receive the highest income and their clients obtain the highest performance.   


The support services we provide to our Executive Search Partners are provided from a central high-value/low-cost location.


For More Information

For specifics on how you might become an Executive Search Franchise Partner of Chalre Associates, send a confidential message to our Chairman, Richard Mills, at leaders@chalre.com

Your information will be handled with care.  As an international company, Chalre Associates Executive Search adheres to international privacy regulations.  Our Privacy Policy is constructed from substantial elements of both the National Privacy Principles Act of Australia and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada.

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Executive Recruiting Franchise Opportunity in Asia

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