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Management Consulting, Executive Coaching in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, SingaporeManagement Consulting, Executive Coaching in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

 Media & Publicity

The Principals of Chalré Associates are active in promoting the industries and companies in which they serve.  Below are a few examples.



ICT Leader's Forum


The ICT Leader's Forum is a prominent event for people who are serious about ICT in the Asia Pacific region.  The monthly forum is organized by senior staff of Chalré Associates and has become one of the region's most important regular networking events for the fast growing sector.  It features prominent regional players providing their views and experiences to other senior business leaders.


Recent Speakers include:



Ricky Banaag

Country Manager

Intel Philippines




Mr. Bannag is the head of operation in Intel Micro Electronics Philippines. He Spoke and shared the exciting development of the now extremely in-demand broadband wireless access -- WiMax -- and its progress at spreading across the country. 



Gil Genio


Innove Communications


Innove Communications


Mr. Genio is CEO of Innove , he was also the Managing Director of Ayala Corporations one of the top companies in the Philippines. also the COO and Head of Wireless Business of Globe Telecoms, . one of the Philippines Top Network Provider. He is the one responsible for planning to ignite the broadband revolution in the Philippines.



Antonio Javier

Managing Director

Microsoft Philippines




Mr. Antonio " TJ" Javier is the country head of Microsoft Philippines, He is only the second Filipino to head the local outfit of the world's biggest software maker. He is among the senior executives in the local information technology industry, He has been with Unysis, Oracle, and Compaq.



Craig Reines

Vice President, General Manager

Head, North-Asia

TeleTech Holdings

TeleTech Government Solutions, LLC

Craig Reines is head of the North Asia for TeleTech. In addition to being one of the world's largest BPO organizations, the company is also one of the fastest growing. Various reports indicate TeleTech will employ 10,000 people by the end of the year in Philippines alone -- roughly double from the year previous.

According to Craig Reines, Philippines is arguably the most desirable offshore destination for outsourcing on the planet. He cites superior infrastructure, an abundance of real estate, a highly qualified workforce and an overly supportive government as a few of the country's advantages.



Gerry Clark

Regional Head,

South-East Asia

TPI - Global Sourcing Advisors


Gerry Clark is Regional Head of South-East Asia for TPI, the world's largest consulting firm for the Business Process Outsourcing industry.  Founded in 1989, the company is the leader in sourcing advisory services for Global 1000 organizations. Gerry provided an extremely in-depth presentation with a historical and current view of the facts and figures for the BPO industry in general and Asia Pacific in particular.  Mr. Clark was previously CEO of Asia for CapGemini, one of the global Top 10 IT firms. 



Sheryl Kingstone

Managing Group Director,

Customer Centric Strategies

Yankee Group

Yankee Group

Sheryl Kingstone is Managing Group Director of Customer-Centric Strategies for Yankee Group.  Based in Toronto, she is one of the most well-known and respected industry analysts, who has been covering the CRM market before it had it a name.  Her keynote speech provided an update on trends in on-demand and VoIP in the call center sector.  She identified opportunities for cost savings over traditional premise-based solutions and examined recent developments in offshoring in general and Indian and Philippine markets in particular. 



Brian Silverman

President & CEO

Five9, Inc.




Mr. Silverman is CEO of the largest on-demand software provider in the world for the call center industry.  Based in California, Brian flew in to present his company's innovative credentials.  On-demand applications and subscription pricing have revolutionized the software market over the past five years, making powerful functionality available to companies anywhere and everywhere, and streamlining the deployment of applications and infrastructure.  The recent standardization of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has removed the last barrier to on-demand taking over the call center infrastructure category at the same time that outsourcing, offshoring, and distributed call center architecture has reached critical mass.



Anand Chopra

Managing Director

Citigroup BPO (Crescent Services)


Mr. Chopra is easily one of the most experienced BPO managers of the entire Asia region.  He was a founder of Citigroup's now very large operations in India.  His currently responsibility is to do in Philippines what he previously did in India.  He presented his views on working in Philippines as compared to India.  



Nora Terrado

Managing Director

Headstrong Corporation

Global Delivery Center, Manila




Ms. Terrado oversees her company's large Manila delivery center.  She is also vice-president of the Philippine Software Industry Association and one of the most prominent leaders in the country's booming IT sector.  The information provided in her presentation was said by many to be one of the most complete examinations of the Philippine outsourcing opportunity as seen from an IT perspective.



Charles Phelps

Managing Director

Fluor Daniel Philippines




Mr. Phelps is head of Philippine operations of Fluor Daniel, one of world's largest engineering companies.  He spoke about his company's long history in Philippines and the hiring growth that is currently occurring in his organization as a result of a massive increase in construction projects around the world.  Charles takes offense to those who would call his operation a "back-office" facility.  He says he is a Global Service Partner that delivers end-to-end design solutions at par with any in the world. 



Wayne Dearing

Managing Director

TopDraw Animation


TopDraw Animation


Mr. Dearing started his company from a home office in 1999.  Today, it is one of the largest offshore animation studios in the world.  If you have spent any time watching cartoons with your children, then you have seen the work of his company.  The company has been growing at 50% to 70% per year since its founding and indications are that this rate will continue. 



Joji Deduque

Country Manager

Watson Wyatt




Mr. Deduque described the reasons behind his organization's choice of Philippines as the center of its worldwide outsourcing initiatives.  He also divulged the results of his company's research into HR issues in the booming outsourcing sector.  Items covered included: reasons for job departure, reasons for job acceptance, strategies for improving retention, labour availability in various regions, etc.   The speaker was deluged with questions from overly enthusiastic HR Directors who were present. 



Dan Reyes

Country Manager




Business Processing Association



Business Processing Association of the Philippines


Mr. Reyes is easily one of the Asia's premier leaders.  He is CEO of ClientLogic's large and growing operations in Philippines.  He is also President of the Business Process Association of Philippines, the country's main umbrella organization.  Dan spoke about his views on the booming outsourcing industry and what he thinks in its tumultuous future.  One important item of relevance was the outsourcing sector's strong movement into back office functions.  ClientLogic is one of the world's Top 5 BPO companies.    



Dr. Rick McGonegal

Managing Director



RCG InformationTechnology


RCG-IT Philippines, a software outsourcing company, was the 8th company in the world to reach quality CMMi Level 5.  During his presentation, Rick McGonegal described what it took to reach it and the ongoing costs to maintain it.  



Eng Boon Lau


Telus International

Telus International


Mr. Lau is head of international operations for Telus Corporation, one of Canada's dominant telco organizations.  He spoke about his company's recent controlling stake acquisition of Ambergris Solutions, arguably the most successful home-grown call center organization in the Philippine market.  Mr. Lau sees Philippines as the most important thrust for his company's world-wide BPO plans.   



ICT Leader's Forum


Organized by: 

Richard Mills,

Chairman, ICT Committee


Richard Mills - Offshore Outsourcing expert



Canadian Chamber of Commerce





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    +632 892 6704



 Financial Intermediation

Sometimes, filling a single position (as in Executive Search) will not adequately resolve the strategic needs of an organization.  An acquisition of an entire organization and its products may be the most suitable method of growth.   

Chalré Associates assists the Financial Intermediation process from concept through completion. Our region-wide contacts keep us abreast of companies in the fields of our focus. Our discovery process pinpoints entities whose owners and structures would be amenable to M&A strategies.  We work to establish optimal guidelines for achieving the corporate and individual goals of all concerned.  We assist in the division of responsibilities and the development of new organizational charts and job descriptions.  We are able to leverage our full range of expertise - from Executive Search, contact and negotiation through evaluation, trend watching and process review.


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Management Consulting, Executive Coaching in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore


Management Consulting, Executive Coaching in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

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