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 Active & Connected

Chalre Associates is active in promoting the industries and companies we serve.  Examples of these activities are below.



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   Telephone Chalre Associates - Executive Search in ASEAN - Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam + 632 822 4129

            Email Chalre Associates - Executive Search in ASEAN - Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam leaders@chalre.com



Public Addresses


The Principals of Chalre Associates are well known and respected within the business community.  Below are some examples of Public Addresses delivered by them at major events throughout the Asia Pacific region.



Singapore HR Institute - Leading HR Summit - Official Event Brochure

The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, presented at the most recent Leading HR Summit in Singapore.  The event was organized by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) - the region's largest HR industry association.  Richard was asked to provide attendees with a detailed overview of the burgeoning field of HR Outsourcing.  

To review Richard's in-depth

presentation, click the icon below.  

Leading HR Summit, Singapore HR Institute - Download Presentation


Executive Compensation & Benefits 2007 EXPO - Official Event Details


The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, was the Keynote Speaker of the most recent Executive Compensation & Benefits EXPO.  Held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore, the 2-day annual event is of interest to regional business leaders. Other featured presenters included Asia Pacific leaders from companies including Mercer, Gallup and HayGroup.  Richard provided his views on the near term economic outlook for the SE Asia region and its impact on career progress for senior managers.  

Download Richard's detailed presentation by clicking the icon below.  (The event brochure is also available here.)

Executive Compensation & Benefits EXPO - Download Keynote Presentation

Recruiting Senior Managers in Asia - Download Presentation


The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, presented recently for the American Chamber of Commerce on the challenges of acquiring and developing senior managers in South-East Asia.  The presentation covers global trends to more specific information relevant to fast growing sectors like Business Process Outsourcing.  Richard's personal comments have been added on most slides.  

To review Richard's in-depth

presentation, click the icon below.


 Recruiting Senior Managers in Asia - Download Presentation



HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Conference - Official Event Details

The Executive Basics of HR Outsourcing

The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, was the Keynote Speaker of this year's Regional HR Shared Services & BPO Conference.  Held in Singapore, the event is the largest in Asia for the booming sector.  To learn about the state of offshore outsourcing in Asia, view Richard's detailed presentation by clicking below. 

To review Richard's in-depth

presentation, click the icon below.  (The event brochure is located here.)

HR Shared Services & Outsourcing EXPO - Download Keynote Presentation


Successful Shared Services EXPO - Official Event Brochure


The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, delivered the Keynote Address of Successful Shared Services. The event was a region-wide conference held in Singapore. Richard's presentation provided a broad overview of Shared Services as it relates to multinational companies and regional managers. The event featured Outsourcing Leaders from Reuters, Johnson & Johnson, Convergys and others.


To review Richard's in-depth

presentation, click the icon below.  (The event brochure is located here.)


Successful Shared Services - Download Keynote Presentation



Strategic Talent Retention & Succession Management - Official Event Brochure

The Chairman of Chalre Associates, Richard Mills, provided his insights on Retention and Succession Management to business leaders in the booming city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.   

Strategic Talent Retention & Succession Management - Official Event Brochure

E-services Philippines Japanese Website

Richard Mills, Chalre Associates Chairman, was a featured speaker of this event, one of the largest IT/BPO related conferences in Asia. 

He delivered a highly motivational presentation to describe the monumental opportunity that exists in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. 

The most revealing information to come from the conference was the tremendous quality ratings being achieved by young Filipinos.  Citigroup, HSBC, GXS, Siemens and others reported world beating performance rankings from their Philippine facilities. 

Download presentation on Offshore Outsourcing



Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates, was asked to address the annual convention of the Semiconductor & Electronics industry association (SEIPI) in 2006.  The sector is the largest in Philippines accounting for 70% of the nation's export earnings and 34% of GDP. 

Richard's presentation discussed the future outlook for Philippines and the specific impact of the booming Business Process Outsourcing industry.  He provided an optimistic view of the economic situation over the next couple years.   

To review Richard's in-depth presentation, Click Here.


Download presentation on Offshore Outsourcing


Business Processing Association of the Philippines

Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) organization is the main umbrella association for the Philippines IT-enabled services/BPO industry.  It is the second largest such association in Asia. 

Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates, was asked to address BPA/P to provide his insight on the fast moving sector in the country.

He spoke along with Beth Lui, Country Managing Director of Accenture, whose company employs 7000 people in Philippines.  Richard's presentation was titled: “Philippines as an Outsource Destination - What CEO's Really Think.

To review Richard's in-depth presentation and to learn more about the current views of Senior Decision Makers in the BPO Sector in Asia, Click Here.


Download Richard Mills' presentation of Offshore Outsourcing




  C o n t a c t  U s


   Telephone Chalre Associates - Executive Search in ASEAN - Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam + 632 822 4129

            Email Chalre Associates - Executive Search in ASEAN - Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam leaders@chalre.com




Pay for Performance

 Financial Incentives in Compensation


Pay For



Above average compensation is considered essential to attract and retain above average talent. This is common sense to most business people and academic research has proven conclusively that it is true.

With this in mind, it is surprising that the ability to motivate above average performance through financial incentives remains unproven despite much research on the subject. In other words, while it is possible to hire great people with great compensation, it doesn't mean they will do great things because they're offered great compensation.

Some researchers have even come to the conclusion that the concept of pay-for-performance is more of an ideology rather than something with methodical basis to support it. It seems to them that the biggest reason great people achieve great things is that they are great in the first place and don't need special incentives -- other than high overall compensation to retain them.

That said, it has been shown conclusively that poorly constructed incentive plans can cause great harm to people's motivation and effectiveness.  An obvious example is when short-term risk-taking is grandly rewarded while long-term prudence is not. The lavish bonus opportunities provided to senior banking managers in the years leading up to 2008 is often cited as an important cause of the catastrophic financial crisis that followed.

Despite the confusing situation for researchers, pay-for-performance is believed by business people who pay for them to be an important component of overall compensation. Annual bonuses and share plans have become a standard part of most senior managers' compensation plans and God help anyone who tries to eliminate them.

The Long and Short of Incentives

Possibly the biggest concern with financial incentives is how to balance the needs of the short-term and the long-term for an organization and the manager.

1. Short-Term Incentives

Defined as benefits and payments given for goals achieved over a period of less than one year, they are usually a combination of formula-determined incentives (based on a profitability measure of some sort) and/or a discretionary bonus.

2. Long-Term Incentives

These are defined as incentives provided over a performance period longer than one year and often 3 to 5 years. In the past, Stock Options were the most fashionable choice but more recently they have become less common. It is alleged that option plans promote risky behaviour with sometimes disastrous results since potential down-side losses to holders are minimal (or zero) while upside profits for successful roles-of-the-dice can be huge.

Compensation consultants now advise that Restricted Shares are better for long-term incentive plans. These are grants of shares that vest over multiple years. The difference with stock options is there are real losses if stock prices decline and shareholder concerns of heads-I-win-tails-you-lose risk/reward scenarios are lessened.


Perks are Not Incentives

Non-cash benefits such as lavish retirement plans, opulent health insurance, interest free loans, financial planning advice and so on are considered perks and not usually considered part of pay-for-performance, although they are important to attract and retain talented managers.

Goldilocks and Stress

One theory behind the structuring of incentives has to do with brain chemistry and the concept of mental stress. The right level of stress activates certain parts of the brain that produces chemicals (especially cortisol) that stimulates competitive drive and learning related activities that are important for high performance. However, a tipping point can be reached when a person is put under too much stress. In high stress conditions, other parts of the brain are activated generating other chemicals (such as norepinephrine) that initiate the fear response and other negative emotions that can severely inhibit mental abilities like rational-thought and learning.

An example of a situation causing high mental stress might be when compensation plans are overly focused on commissions and bonuses. People under too much pressure to produce short-term results, can become mentally debilitated to the detriment of performance. Everyone has had the experience of dealing with desperate commission-only sales people trying to push sales in manners that are clearly ineffective and even self-destructive to their long-term career.

On the other hand, too little mental stress can also slow the mind and impact performance. An example is when otherwise self-motivated people say they are going to learn a new skill during their vacation or take time off from work to write a book but often don't follow through.

It is important that people are put under the right amount of mental stress for them to operate most effectively. Of course, there are wide differences between individuals in this matter. Successful sales people can flourish under much higher levels of stress than others. Software engineers and medical doctors often function best under lower levels of stress -- a surgeon who is desperate to make a "sale" might have weakened judgement and is not one most people would want to cut them open.

More Incentive Issues

Certainly it is important to ensure managers are not rewarded for outcomes that were the result of external factors. Some incentive plans used to reward senior managers for stock price appreciation even though a large portion of such price movements (more than 70% portfolio managers say) is due to the overall stock market and the industry category of the company. Today, such incentive plans compensate for appreciation above that of industry and overall stock market. In the same manner, senior managers should be compensated when good results are impacted by events out of their control.

Another issue becoming more and more important has to do with individual versus team incentives. Most companies have adopted a sliding scale of benefits that incorporate rewards for both ends of this spectrum but there are wide differences among countries, industries and companies.


1. Eat-What-You-Kill

At the extreme end of the scale is the incentive plan widely known as "eat-what-you-kill" that rewards individual merit over group performance. (The more genteel expression used by law firms is called "Source of Origination.") This plan is especially popular in corporate finance, legal services and management consulting. The United States led the way in developing incentive programs of this kind with the result that it is one of the world's most innovative societies with a widely disproportionate number of patents and innovations to its credit.

On the downside, extreme individual incentives can create problems if not restrained. It is alleged that large part of the root cause of the 2008 financial crisis was aggressive behaviour of bankers rewarded under eat-what-you-kill incentive schemes.

2. Lockstep

Modern organizations are complex and managers depend on the support of many highly-skilled people with often competing objectives to carry out projects. Incentivizing individuals to work for the group can create a more collaborative and sustainable organization. Lockstep incentive structures reward managers' seniority, usually determined by position in the organization and length of service.

Japan has a reputation for rewarding group rather than individual achievement with many positive benefits to their society including being one of the world's leading export economies. An alleged downside might be a less than stellar record of individual innovation.


The long-term trend in the private sector seems to be to move toward the middle of the 2 extremes. Investment banks claim to be trying to tame their overly aggressive corporate cultures by rewarding more wholesome behaviour. In countries with lockstep traditions, they are experimenting with merit incentives to encourage individual initiative.

Germany is often cited for its sustainably innovative management culture that has helped to make the country the largest exporting dynamo in the world on a per capita basis.

Rewards Without Working?

Signing Bonuses and Golden Parachutes are examples of compensation agreed to be paid for work not being done. While the concept is understood in Asia, it is far less common than in so-called developed countries in the west.

It sometimes happens that candidates take extraordinary risk in leaving their stable current employment to take on a new uncertain one and that risk can be compensated in certain situations.


1. Signing Bonus

A signing bonus refers to a lump-sum payment given to an employee when he joins a new employer. Within Asia, these are provided for individual contributor positions that are in very high demand. For senior management roles, the practice is less common.

A possible justification for doing so might be to pay a highly desired candidate to motivate him to leave a stable, known employer and join one that is unknown and possibly less stable. Many feel that if a senior manager needs a signing bonus to make the change, his commitment to the new opportunity is questionable. The consensus in Asia is that such payments are not usually a good idea.

A signing bonus is justified and common when a candidate is giving up a defined payment that he has earned at his current employer. For instance, if the employer wants a newly hired manager to start work as soon as possible and lose out on an end-of-year bonus or some other payment, this should be compensated for. 

2. Golden Parachutes

Golden parachutes are meant to compensate a new manager if he is terminated or terminates himself down the road. In consensus-oriented Asia, these are looked upon as a scheme designed to build conflict since it seems to reward getting fired.

The exception is when the new opportunity is one entailing a lot of risk such as setting up a business from scratch or entering a new market -- a somewhat common situation in emerging countries. In these situations, extra payments could be provided if the project is terminated down the road.


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Chalre Associates - Executive Search in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Executive Search &  Management Consulting:

Chalre Associates provides its Executive Search and Recruiting services throughout the emerging countries of the Asia Pacific region with specific focus on Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.  We are proactive and well known in our sectors of focus.  Regional Managers use us to help bridge the gap between local environments and the world-class requirements of multinational corporations.   


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Asia CEO Forum - Philippines Expatriate Business Networking Event - The Asia CEO Forum is the largest regular networking event for the international business community in Philippines. The forum serves as a hub for industry networking and deal-making by executive managers from across the Asia Pacific region. 


Asia CEO Forum


Asia CEO Forum presented by PLDT ALPHA Enterprise is the largest regular business event in Philippines and considered one of the most important in the Southeast Asia region. The forum serves as a hub for the spreading of ideas that help executive managers overseeing enterprises across the Asia Pacific region. 
Attendees are both expatriate and Asian management personnel overseeing multinational and regional organizations.  Held in Philippines, presenters are leaders in their industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the entire region.  


Asia CEO Forum is operated as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity of Chalre Associates, one of Southeast Asia's most prominent senior management executive search firms, to promote Philippines as a premier business destination in the Asia region.  


Click Here to go to Asia CEO Forum now!




Asia CEO Awards - recognizing international leadership excellence in Philippines


Asia CEO Awards


Asia CEO Awards presented by Aseana City represents the grandest alliance of local and international business people ever created to promote Philippines on the world stage. As one of the largest events of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, it is considered a must-attend occasion for business leaders active in Southeast Asia. 

The star-studded Board of Judges of Asia CEO Awards give away 10 awards to many of the most accomplished leadership teams and individuals currently operating in Philippines and the region. The awards recognize extraordinary leaders who have demonstrated outstanding achievement for their organizations and contributions to others. 

As one of the fastest growing nations on the planet, the world's business leaders have their eyes on Philippines like never before. The annual gala was established as a natural outgrowth of Asia CEO Forum, the largest regular networking event for the business community in Philippines. 


Click Here to go to Asia CEO Awards now!






Media organizations throughout the world call upon the Principals of Chalre Associates for thought leadership.  Below are some examples of published material written by our consultants or international journalists who refer to them.  For a complete list of published work, Click Here.  


Economist Intelligence Unit  

Getting Ready For The Deluge: Outsourcing in Philippines

by Chalre Associates senior staff


Download [PDF file, 62KB]


The Economist Intelligence Unit of the Economist magazine asked Chalre Associates' Chairman, Richard Mills, to write a chapter about the Philippine outsourcing sector in its annual Business Guide Book.  The material provides a Executive Briefing on the progress and major issues facing this industry that is certainly one of most significant growth stories in the world.  more


The Northern Miner Online

Asia Pacific Mining Conference 2007 - Report

by Chalre Associates senior staff


Download [PDF file, 28KB]


The 7th Asia Pacific Mining Conference put on by the Asean Federation of Mining Associations was perhaps the largest such event in the region.  Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates gave this report on what was said by the prominent mining people who presented. more


ComputerWorld USA

The State of BPO in Philippines: Dan Reyes Speaks

by Chalre Associates senior staff


Download [PDF file, 31KB]

Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates, interviewed Dan Reyes of Sitel for ComputerWorld (US) recently to get his views on the state of the BPO industry in Philippines. Dan presented US readers with compelling information to support his view that Philippines is currently seen as the "Number 1" option by global companies sending BPO work to offshore destinations. 
Dan Reyes is easily one of most experienced Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) managers in the Asia Pacific region and the world. He is head of the extremely successful Philippine operations of Sitel, the world's largest call center organization. Among other things, he is a founder and former president of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines.   


Target Executive Search Headhunters in Philippines


Executive Recruiting in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

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